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  1. Camp Holiday Resort - Room Accommodation under Emerging/Re-emerging Disease Program (COVID-19) under PR No. 2020-11-3748
  2. Philtyres Corp. - R/M SDLG Wheel Loader LG938L & L958F / Motor Grader G9165
  3. South Shore Divers - Procurement of Marine Ambulance Boat
  4. DUBC Construction Corp. - Establishment of Community College - Building & Improvements at City Hall Compound
  5. Davao Athena Drug & Gen. Merchandise, Inc. - Additional Disposable PPE Use by RMT under PR No. 2020-06-2620
  6. Rely Construction and Supply - Installation of Streetlights (Islandwide), IGACOS
  7. Unicenter Communications - Database Server for i-Trac System, Smart UPS and Laptops
  8. JD Somoza Builders - Rehabilitation of Comfort Rooms/Construction of Stage at Kan-anan sa Park
  9. L.A. Arizola Construction & Supply - Park Development Brgy. Peñaplata (Freedom Park), Peñaplata, Samal District, IGACOS
  10. Unicenter Communications - Procurement and Installation of Public Address System, Data Center Power Backup System, Wireless LAN and Grounding System under PR NO. 2020-01-1411
  11. CL Tents and Upholstery - Support Logistic Equipment, Facilities and Supplies under PR No. 2020-01-1394
  12. Unicenter Communications - Purchase and Installation of CCTV Camera and Monitoring System Devices at Kaputian District under PR No. 2020-01-1348
  13. Rejohn Enterprises - Purchase of welfare goods Re: Emerging/Re-emerging Disease Program under PR No. 2020-06-2808
  14. Catalunan Construction Corp. - Construction of Wheelbath at Villarica Wharf, Babak District, IGACOS
  15. Ardraw Construction & Supply Corp. - Concreting of Road from Circumferential Road San Miguel to Cemetery Pahulayan