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Our Vision

   “The Urban Center in a Garden Setting”                         

Our Mission: To pursue sustainable urbanization for the Island Garden City of Samal – prudently putting in place appropriate urban amenities for a community of dignified constituents living in an atmosphere of good governance, yet keeping intact its natural endowments.



  1. Economic:   To improve the City’s living condition through a viable and sustainable economy mobilizing its local resources while maintaining a well-balanced ecology.  
  2. Social:   To establish a livable community where people enjoyed the luxury of developed resources in a secured environment and assured social services. 
  3. Infrastructure:  To install better access complementing the use of the City facilities and utilities in placed beneficial to its populace.
  4. Environment:  To design a concept of the mix urban and rural development keeping in place a protected and beauteous environment.
  5. Local Government Administration:  To craft a synergized mechanism for a progressive local  governance internal and external resource utilization and mobilization.