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  1. Lerio's Store - Food for Work Program 7999-200-004 under PR No. 2021-01-0675
  2. Copylandia Office Systems Corp. - Purchase of High Speed Full Color Ink Jet Printer under PR No. 2020-12-3944
  3. DUBC Construction Corp. - Rehabilitation of Hanging Bridge at Nature's Park, Bandera, Kaputian Dist., IGACOS
  4. Danimerh Construction and Supply - Construction of School Building at Sto. Niño NHS, Babak Dist., IGACOS under PR No. 2020-09-3272
  5. CareSystem Technology Solution Co. Inc. - Site Development at Maag Resettlement, Peñaplata, IGACOS
  6. Gakken - Purchase of High Speed Duplicator under PR No. 2020-12-3945
  7. Palmer Asia, Inc. - Purchase Rescue Vehicle (Ambulance) under PR No. 2020-10-3727
  8. JD Somoza Builders - Completion of Animal Control Facility at Sampao, Mambago-A, Samal Dist., IGACOS
  9. JD Somoza Builders - City Hall Park (P-3), Sitio Maag, Peñaplata, Samal Dist., IGACOS under PR No. 2020-11-3791
  10. Catalunan Constrauction Corp. - Completion of Plant Nursery at Bandera Nature's Park, Bandera, Kaputian District, IGACOS
  11. DUBC Construction Corp. - Purchase of Construction Materials for DOLE Livelihood and Training Center and Construction of Greenhouse under PR No. 2020-10-3627
  12. CareSystem Technology Solution Co. Inc. - Dev't of Beach Park (Construction of Hostel) Airconditioning under PR No. 2020-09-3352
  13. Unicenter Communications - Installation of Repeaters/Receivers - Islandwide
  14. INCA Philippines, Inc. - Construction and Installation Including Labor and Materials Coral Reef Management Program
  15. Digital Interface - ICT Equipment - (Deskstop/Printer) under PR No. 2020-08-3170