Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals

Our Vision:

" A Livable and Resilient Island Garden City "                       


Our Mission:

" To intensify livability in a sustainable urbanization for the Island Garden City of Samal – prudently putting in place appropriate urban amenities for a community of dignified citizenry living in an atmosphere of good governance and safe from the threat of hazards and risks brought by climate change. "


Our Goals: (Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2018-2024)

ECONOMIC. Improved living condition through a viable and sustainable economy, pooling its comparative advantages, mobilizing its local resources while maintaining business friendly environment in a safe and well-balanced ecology.

SOCIAL. Established healthy community where people enjoyed developed resources in a secured environment, and benefited sufficient and efficient social services.

INFRASTRUCTURE. Adequate and resilient infrastructure facilities and   utilities for better access and effective delivery of goods and services of its constituents.

ECOSYSTEM. Protected, preserved, conserved and rehabilitated natural resources.

SPECIAL AREAS. Recognized, preserved and protected rights of the Indigenous People and the City’s Cultural Heritage.