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How To Apply For Mayor's Certification For Building/Electrical/Fencing Permit

Parent Category: ROOT Category: Basic Services


Who May Avail of the Service:

      Any person, or entity,

  • Who shall construct a building whether commercial, institutional or residential, and/or shall install electricity therein; and/or
  • Who shall construct a fence.


Where to Transact: Permits & Licensing Section, Office of the City Mayor


Person In-charge:        Mr. Ernesto Tundaan

                                       Licensing Officer IV, City Mayor’s Office

 {tab What Are The Requirements}

What are the Requirements:

  • Barangay Construction Clearance
  • Zoning Certification
  • Land Title (Photocopy)
  • Affidavit of Consent (if client is not the lot owner)
  • For Fencing Permit: Barangay Resolution


  • Building –   P 25.00
  • Electrical –  P 25.00
  • Fencing –   P 25.00

Duration: One (1) hour and five (5) minutes


Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday – Friday

8:00am – 5:00pm; No Noon Break


How to Avail the Service:


             What To Do

To Whom

Action To Take




Ø States the purpose for mayor’s certification (whether as requirement for building, electrical and/or fencing permit application, and,

Ø Submits complete requirements as appropriate.

Anyone of the following:

  • Jennifer Orcullo
  • Edsel Saligumba
  • Ian Arig


Ø Reviews documents submitted

Ø Advise the client to go to City Treasurer’s Office for payment of fee/s








Ø Presents the official receipt (OR) issued by the City Treasury














Anyone of the following:

  • Jennifer Orcullo
  • Edsel Saligumba
  • Ian Arig



Ø Receives the OR

Ø Prepares the mayor’s certification,

Ø Prints the mayor’s certification for approval & signature of the City Mayor or his duly authorized representatives:

Aniano P. Antalan
City Mayor

Authorized Representatives:

Elizabeth B. Luna
Licensing Officer IV


Edward M. Sisor
City Administrator - OIC


Ø Sign the receiving logbook

Ø Receives the  approved mayor’s certification


Anyone of the following:

  • Jennifer Orcullo
  • Edsel Saligumba
  • Ian Arig

Ø Let the client signed in the receiving log book

Ø Release the approved mayor’s certification to the client, and retains copy for office file