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Logo Design : by CLETO BRAVO GALES JR.
Texts of Rationale : by CLETO BRAVO GALES JR.
(Officially adopted by the 1st City Council of the Island Garden City of Samal, per SP Resolution No. 115, series of 1998, dated 29 September 1998)


The shape of the Official Logo is non-traditional – a departure from the usual circular logo. This is a manifestation of the inherent uniqueness of the Island Garden City of Samal – both as an Island and as a City – just as unique as its name, “Island Garden City of Samal”.

The official font for the full official name “Island Garden City of Samal” is Zapf Chancery. The word “SAGISAG” uses AvantGarde. Both fonts are dynamic, yet elegant – exuding the dynamism and elegance of the City. 

The colors used for the Logo are dichromatic hues of blue and yellow (varied tones of blue, green, flesh, etc.) – resulting to a cool and soothing visual impact. The colors are carefully chosen to depict the colors of life in abundance and the harmony of various elements/facets of community life. 

As a whole, the imageries as captured in the Logo and the lasting impressions they intend to depict are: Samal Island’s pristine beauty, Samal Island as how the people dream it to be, and Samal Island as “haven of amity”.


Among the precious treasures of the Island are its natural endowments: 

* The air is fresh, unspoiled by pollutants;

* The land is largely green with forest covers and/or vegetation, host to diverse species of flora and fauna, an ecologically-balanced haven – truly an “Island Garden”;

* It has long coastlines and white sandy beaches. The waters of the seas and rivers are crystal-clear – host to wide array of species of aquamarine life. Its corals are still intact – truly a “garden underwater”.

The Bigiw

The traditional bigiw shown in the Logo represents the venue/vehicle that brings about the inter-mingling and the dialogue of life among peoples from diverse cultures. It depicts the rediscovery, preservation, and enhancement of the local culture inherent to the Island. The colors of the sail embody the richness of the blend of cultural heritage resulting from the dialogue of life among all the constituents of the Island.

The Haring Ibon

Like the haring ibon that soars high and free in conquering the skies, so are the collective visions and dreams of the people of Samal – the dream of eventually making the Island Garden City of Samal soar into the heights of development and prominence. 

The Kubo

The Island is truly a “home” – cradle of life, a real sanctuary of humans where love, peace, and understanding reside. The three huts further represent the three Sanggunian districts now making up the Island Garden City of Samal. 

The Dugong

Among the endangered species of aquatic mammals, widely known as sea cows, the dugongs are believed to signify the admirable state of the municipal waters, nurturing a healthy marine ecosystem. As among the endangered living treasures of the Island, the dugong also represents the state of all the ecosystems of the Island Garden City of Samal. 

The Flowers

Our dream is to make the Island into a real “paradise” – so full of life, growing, blooming, glowing. 

The Land Formation

Though physically unattached to the mainland Mindanao, the Island Garden City of Samal is an island linked to the global community. The mountain formations at the background connote the City’s connectedness to the global community of nations – sharing the vision of global civilizations, yet keeping an identity of her own.