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Category: Current News
Published Date
Sunday, October 18, 2015

THERE are plenty of reasons why one should not turn their back from the beauty of the Talikud Island, and one of those is its rich indicator of biodiversity. Part of Punta del Sol Group of Companies’ travel offering, the “Talikud Island Inland Tours” is the Dadatan Bat Conservation Park, an 18-hectare park developed to conserve and preserve the species living peacefully inside the rich cave.


Fanatics of Batman or not, will surely appreciate the striking and mesmerizing view and feeling brought by the sounds the bats are making and active actions of the fruits bats, a species of mega bat or old world fruit bats called Geoffrey’s Rousettus and Spelaea living inside the Dadatan Cave.

This kind of bats are considered as endangered species in the country, thus the reason for the company acquisition to pursue for the cave’s preservation and conservation.

“The day when we visited this cave, it was not that protected because the residents were hunting the bats for food without knowing the importance of these bats, so we immediately seek the owner of the property and bid to assume th property and promised to preserve its rich biodiversity,” Araceli L. Ayuste of Punta del Sol Group of Companies shared.

“We saw the need to protect and preserve the bats living inside the cave, we thought that this cave with the most admirable bats is potential to be the next tourist destination in the island, we work for it, so here it is, “she said adding that with the development of the cave they make it sure that the life of the bats will not be disturbed.

One importance the bat is playing in the ecology, especially in Davao Region, is it is the only pollinator of the Durian fruit. Durian fruit flowers bloom only at night which makes bats best for its pollination process.

Fruit bats unique features is their eco-locating ability and sonar sound navigation range. They have sensitive hearing and good sight, which help them to maneuver most especially at night.

Talikud Island Tour Package also include Rock Shelter and Faith Healer’s Camp, Giant Balete Tree, Talikud Island Mangrove Sanctuary, La Isla Bonita and Baga Cave.

Unlike other Bat’s park, here in Dadatan Bat Conservation Park, visitors will have to trek a forest trail to view and be in nearer contact with the active bats in the cave. A view deck was also developed for those who prefer to view the bats from afar.

Dadatan Bat Conservation Park is truly becoming the home of the fruit bats in Talikud Island. Conserving and preserving the cave as home of this equally-important specie in the ecosystem is man’s responsibility as stewards of this planet. Truly, the Conservation Park is everyone’s best destination especially if one is looking why Batman is Batman.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on October 19, 2015.



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